Slitter Rewinder Machine

- Economical

The l Slitter Rewinder Flexible manufacturing system permits for fast delivery as per customer requirements. For all types of slitting on materials such as, Cellophane, PET, CPP, OPP, PE, PS, PVC, paper film-both plain and printed, and etc.. For slitting counterfeit-proof labels, electronics, computer and optical materials, film roll, and foil roll.

Unwinding Section:

  • Unwind and rewind is designed in same side providing the most convenient operation.
  • Swing out & floating type stand with 3" air shaft. Single operator is required to manipulate and load the parent roll.
  • Equipped with web adjustment roller. It can reduce the winkle that cause by the low parent roll quality.

Slitting Section:

  • Duo cutting system: razor cutting in the air and shear knives.
  • Equipped with statics eliminator, it discharges electrostatic charge while plastic film is being slit and rewound.
  • Equipped with trim reject fan and trim winding shaft*2.

Rewinding Section: